Why Should Purple and Gray Area Rugs? Find Out

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Purple And Gray Area Rugs

Carpet is an important element of home decoration, it can enrich the level of home decoration, Room, accessories and other furniture fabrics of different settings, You can change the decor of the living room. The rug colors up to thousands of species, so choose Your favorite color, it is more difficult to choose. As an example, you choose the purple and gray area rugs, to decorate your floor. But why choose that color?

Floor carpet even though it looks trivial, but has a very big impact in a room. The color of the carpet, especially, can determine the function and atmosphere, how will the room after the carpet was installed. Put the color of the carpet in a specific living room will add aesthetic value and are able to liven up the room as desired.

So, lest You waste money and time with one showing the color of the carpet, or even disrupt the synergy room of the house. Therefore, You need to understand that colors have psychological impact on a particular, a very strong influence on Your room.

The Psychological impact of Color Selection on Carpet Floor

Choose a combination of color and motif carpet would indeed be very decisive, display a charming interior and atmosphere of the comfort of Your room. Overall color, will give the influence of certain psychological, because color has a strong potential in mind, among others:

● Dark colors, will give the impression of weight and more elegant in the room.

● Color-light colors are more neutral, giving the impression of lightness and is easy to blend with the room.

● Color pop, flashy like pink or yellow will give the atmosphere of the room a neutral, more cheerful, and the life.

● The colors of blue in the room of the house, can bring a serenity and peace of heart.

● Gray color, can provide the energy aesthetic in any space.

● The colors of green, natural shades, can provide an atmosphere of relaxation, coolness, and harmony. The impact could ease your mind.

● Color red symbolizes passion, energy, and eroticism.

● Black color is very appropriate give the impression of mystery, depth, and perspective.

● White, this color will give the impression of lightness, innocence, purity, as well as clean.

Tips on Blending the Color of the Carpet Flooring in Accordance with Room

gray and black

Before You choose the carpet floor for interior design of Your room, it is worth considering a few tips on the selection of carpet color matching with Your room. Here are the tips:

● For minimalist home design, select the carpet flooring that has interesting colors, but not much of a motive, with a minimalist design.

● To give the impression of a room that is already a lot of furniture and the room feels full, choose a rug with one color only. On the contrary, if the room looks plain and feels spacious, You can choose a rug with some color combination.

● When selecting a color, choose a rug that could support the atmosphere of the living room that You want to present. As for the motive, the harmony with the design of the sofa. If Your sofa is patterned, use plain carpets and vice versa.

● Consider the key elements in the room to see three the main color, using the patterned rug. However, if the carpet just to equip a room that was already crowded, select one single color.

● Choose carpet color based on the function of the room. Consider how the use of the room, before buying a carpet so that no one displays the color of the carpet. For the bedroom, for example, the carpet soft color can give comfort.

● The selection of the right color, can further brighten the atmosphere of Your room. You can enrich the atmosphere of the room, with colors of gold, green, indigo, purple, and brown. White and black could be an option also.

● Finally, when You want to show the impression of shade in the room, use neutral colors with texture fur carpet smooth.

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Well, after knowing some of the tips above, You already know how the trick is blending the color of the carpet floor with the room. The goal is to create synergy between the psychological functions of color on the aesthetics of Your room.

Now you become a understand why have to choose purple and gray area rugs. You can more freely experiment with Your favorite colors. Finally, happy creating!

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