Types of Oriental Rugs

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There are various types of Oriental rugs. Certain rug types evolve because of features like where these were made, how these were made, and/or what their styles look like.

types of oriental rugs

Read beneath for more information about the various types of Oriental rugs, and learn which kind of Oriental rug fits your look and spending budget the best.

Types of Oriental Rugs as well as characteristics of every

Chobi Ziegler
Chobi Ziegler rugs certainly are a traditional design of Oriental rug known because of their muted color scheme and soft yet common designs. What “Chobi Ziegler” bring significance: “Chobi” is certainly a Persian term for “ solid wood ” (describing the rugs’ natural, rustic colors) and “Ziegler” may be the name of the German organization that originally helped produce the rug design in the 1880s.

Chobi Ziegler rugs are believed saturated with quality, but are even more moderately priced ($45-$60 per square feet) among the top tier of Oriental rugs. That is due to the actual fact that Chobi Ziegler rugs routinely have lower knot counts than, for instance, Persian rugs.

Persian rugs
Persian rugs are Oriental rugs which were handwoven in Iran (formerly referred to as Persia). Persian rugs are among the oldest, esteemed, and traditional types of Oriental rugs. They often times feature traditional motifs – like husks, pomegranates, flowers, jugs, crosses, comb, and lotuses — and traditional colors like blue, reddish, brownish, beige, and gold.

Persian rugs often take into consideration the highest-quality Oriental rugs in the world, and show high knot counts. Thus, they’re generally priced higher ($50 to $70+ per square foot)

Ikat rugs
Ikat rugs are named after their style, which is among the oldest known styles in the world. The popular Ikat design surfaced in historic cultures from Peru to Japan to India and Yemen. The Ikat style is kind of tribal- searching, with abstract, tie-dye like features – actually, Ikat rugs possess a distinctive dying and overriding procedure that provides them even more color variation and depth than various other Oriental rugs.

Some Ikat motifs have got historical significance, whereas others are purely aesthetic. Many Ikat styles have a gemstone or triangle forms repeated in loose lines. Ikat rugs are usually low in knot count (7/7 roughly ) and therefore costed lower (around $45-$55 per square feet ) than higher knot count rugs.

Bokhara rugs
Equivalent to Persian rugs, Bokhara rugs are defined by where these were created. Bukhara, situated in modern- time Uzbekistan, is a historical rug-producing city with a signature design. The Bokhara style usually features the traditional colors of crimson, navy, and dark brown, and includes oval- designed motifs and a sparser history than various other Oriental rugs.

Although Bokhara rugs remain stated in the Bukhara area, they’re also produced around the world and called “Bokhara” or a variation of such. Unlike many Oriental rugs which feature properly symmetrical knot counts ( such as for example 7/7 or 9/9), many Bokhara rugs feature asymmetrical knot counts ( such as for example 9/14). Bokhara rugs can range in cost based on their knot count.

Flat Weave Kilims
Kilims rugs are notable for his or her unique linear style, bold colours, and smooth weave personality. The term “Kilims” originates from the Persian term “gelim, ” this means “spreading roughly. ”

Certainly, the texture of Kilims rugs is definitely much less plush than even more traditional Oriental rugs. The smooth weave personality of Kilims rugs makes them notably slim and light. The Kilims styles are often geometric, counting on direct lines, squares, and rectangles fill up the complete rug canvas. Kilims rugs typically feature bold, dark shades like crimson, navy, deep precious metal, and forest green.

Contemporary and vogue rugs
Contemporary and vogue rugs mix modern styles and colors with traditional, hand-knotted quality. These kinds of rugs are manufactured with Western customers at heart. Although the look of them is consistent with modern styles and designs, how these rugs are manufactured is traditional. Hence, contemporary and vogue Oriental rugs employ a plush, natural consistency and long- long lasting quality.

Vogue rugs, which (like their name suggests) are manufactured with modern styles at heart, generally possess lower knot counts (5/5), whereas contemporary rugs certainly are a little more classic in style and higher in knot count (7/7 to 9/9).

Overdyed rugs
Overdyed rugs are described solely simply by their dyeing process. To develop an overdyed rug, rug performers take a preexisting Oriental rug (of any design, but typically one which offers been distressed or modified for some reason ) and re-dye it in a bold, solitary color. Overdying is an excellent method to “resurrect” old Oriental rugs and present them today’s, stylish advantage. Overdyed rugs tend to be crafted in bold colours like fuchsia, teal, black, and reddish. Overdyed rugs can range in cost, with respect to the knot count and quality of the rug.

Silk rugs
Silk rugs include a part of silk in them. The bigger the percentage of silk woven right into a silk rug, the bigger it’s valued. Silk rugs possess an exceptionally soft, plush consistency and gorgeous sheen; nevertheless, their sensitive silk fibers are more challenging to look after than traditional wool. Because of this (and because silk is quite expensive to supply), most “silk” rugs are constructed with a silk/wool or silk/ natural cotton mix. Silk rugs are usually more costly because of the silk fibers.

Patchwork rugs
Patchwork rugs are defined by how they’re crafted. The patchwork procedure involves hand-stitching several existing Oriental rugs jointly, usually with heavy, vibrantly shaded thread. Like the reason overdyed rugs are manufactured, patchwork rugs certainly are a smart way to re-invent old or broken Oriental rugs.

By piecing collectively the very best parts of a variety of Oriental rugs, rug makers have the ability to create a distinctive, high-quality item. The homespun personality and bold appear of patchwork rugs possess made them favored by Western consumers recently.

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