Tricks Using White Linen Blackout Curtains

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white linen blackout curtains

Enough room to obtain sun light definitely will healthy, as these rays will kill the various bacteria that are in the room. Unfortunately, the sunlight intensity is too large will interfere. Then from that you need a white linen blackout curtains, so the light entering is not too bright and well organized with these curtains.

When You install windows with large glass, is definitely the incoming sunlight into the room will dazzle in the evening and the morning. As a result, the condition of the house will become too hot. This is the one that makes you feel sultry and not comfortable.

If the condition of Your house so, You can do tricks below:

Avoid paint the walls white
Paint the walls white-colored will indeed make the house look clean, but don’t color the whole house with white color because white has the properties of reflecting light. So the walls of your home will certainly look like light reflecting on the time of day.


You can choose a softer color such as blue. But don’t choose a dark color such as purple or black. This color will absorb heat so the room will be impressed hot.

Attach the sunshade
When the summer sun starts blazing, You can close the blinds so not too hot. To beautify the room, select a shade that is stylish and neatly arranged. Have a good blinds and tidy, definitely will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable in the house, even though the sunlight with the clear and bright.

Select one of the glass curtains open

 ikeaWhen You put up curtains to cover the window, then do not close all curtains, because the room will become dark, even like a trickle. Better open the curtains so as to facilitate the sunlight in. What you can do in any room that has a window more than one. Usually it is more delicious if it is done in the living room.

Turn on the fan
When the heat of the whack, You can just turn on the air conditioner air CONDITIONING (Air Conditioner). However, why not turn on the fan? Turn on the air CONDITIONING by exposure to the heat of the sun can make the compressor work harder so that the air CONDITIONING will not be durable, even the electricity in the house also is wasteful, so to overcome the heat immediately open the window a little and turn on the fan.

Add plants on the outside

The plant can make cool Your home. In addition the plant will also block the light too much in the house. Plants that can You plant such as mango, guava. When unobstructed land, use the vines and let it grow on the wall. However, when selecting vines to protect the wall, You must be diligent-diligent in checking the roots of the plants so as not to damage the wall.

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Now that’s some tip if you feel uncomfortable with excessive light entry into your home, it is advisable to use white linen blackout curtains in your home. So the look is more elegant, and also light entering can mute with either.

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