Tips On Choosing Accent Rugs For Bedroom

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Confused to choose a rug that fits the decor of the room in the house? You should note the color and model, the existing furniture in the room, the function room, and the size of the room. Carpet is one of the accessories in the house which is now widely used. For that you need to get tips in choosing accent rugs for bedroom.

Choose the rugs as an accent

Initially the carpet that laid on top of the floor serves to give comfort when sitting so clothes do not get dirty exposed to the dust of the floor. In addition, the carpet used as footwear so as not to directly feel the cold floor of the house. Now, his presence is no longer merely floor coverings. Carpet can also provide its own color in the room.

The selection of motifs and striking colors can be used as an accent. In fact, a soft carpet can also create a comfort that makes the home atmosphere feels increasingly familiar. So the presence of a carpet can give the desired effect, of selecting and arranging the carpet should not be perfunctory. If the election is not right, its presence is a negative impact on the room.

Wherefore, that his presence can make the room look attractive and is able to warm the atmosphere, the selection and arrangement should fit snugly. The rug currently has a lot of variations, types of material, thread length, size, color, or motif.

There are four things that need to be considered in choosing a carpet.

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Include the theme of the room, the furniture of his supporters, the function of the room, and the size of the room. The theme of the room to be a major factor in the selection of the tapestry. Types of carpet should be adjusted to the theme or concept of the room that you create.

If you choose classic theme, persian rugs and the like can be the right choice. However, if you want to show the impression of a modern classic, it is better to select carpet, patterned from Europe that are not a lot of detail.

For the theme of modern room nuance minimalist, we can wear the carpet with soft color and patterned squares. The theme of the room is always associated with the choice of shape, color, and motif carpet. For example, if you want the arrangement in classic style, you should select a carpet themed in line anyway.

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In the space themed minimalist, you should avoid the use of carpet with a large motif because it can give the impression of narrow. The next factor that you should concern is the furniture space filler. Usually fillers this space has a size and color that influence the size and the type of carpet color will be selected.

For example, for the living room with sofa, three seater, you can use rugs sizes 160 x 230 cm. For the size of the furniture is small, select the size 120 x 170 cm. About the color, select which is in harmony with the furniture or deliberately crashed to give the impression of contrast. So, the choice of the right color depending on the concept of the arrangement of the room.

For a classic house with shades of green for example, would be better suited paired with a carpet of green and accented in red. Thus, the unity of theme which will harmoniously form.

A space filled with furnishings will be noticeably less fitting if using a patterned carpet full of color and images. So, it would be better if you pay attention to this factor.

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Function space is also not less, important as things that must be considered in choosing a carpet. Consider, whether the rubber be placed in the living room, family room, dining room, or bedroom.

In general, for the intensity of people passing by law, such as a bedroom, we can use rugs made from soft and luxurious. For a room that is traffic-the flow of them high, you should use carpet that is easy to clean.

If you have a baby, carpet can be put in the room because the function can be relaxes the soles of the feet of the parents of the baby or the nanny when you’re carrying him. When the baby already started to grow large, the function of rugs could be the area playing.

Now you already know the tip to choose a carpet. That’s some of the things which can to be put to you, about choosing accent rugs for bedroom. Good luck.

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