How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

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How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

Bottles of wine are one of the materials better if they are recycled, and used as a room decoration. Bottles of wine this can be used as a place flower vase, a container, accessory, as well as a container for anything that could be a specific use. The example most often used and we often see is as a candlestick. For those of you who do not understand how to make wine bottle candles, you can follow some steps that can make a bottle of wine, useful in the shared lounge.

If you want the nuances of a romantic dinner, a candle is needed. You can make a candle holder beautiful of the bottles are cut and then arranged to form chandeliers. For example, the image located at the bottom of this.

In the picture above, the bottom of the bottles of wine, make sure you cut. To make sure how long the distance of the bottom to the top you should measure first. So that the top is not too high. The assumption only 1/4 of the whole bottle.

The second example, you can see on the image next to this.

Have different pieces with another will certainly make the impression for you. Because you could have bottles of wine, which you can use to place a candle, but a little different from the usual.

How to make wine bottle candles, the same exactly with a picture of an example of the second is to cut on the neck over bottles of wine, then combine with the type of bottle, which has the mouth of the bottle is small, so can be combined into one, as the legs of the candle.

For the wax used is also adjusted with the mouth of the bottle. Try to select the type of bottles that have different colors, in order to have a more attractive appearance to be seen.

Now get to the part of the third example, as below.

On the third picture, the making of candles from bottles of wine, very easy. You only need a little bit of paint black, then paint with average on overall bottles you. To be colored all black. This would be much better used at the time of your dinner, with a record of just two, to make it more romantic. With a dark color and the same color as the other bottle, making the atmosphere increasingly became more romantic. After all painted, wait for it to dry, and put candles on the top. Without cutting the bottle at all.


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To image these four, bottles of wine, just given a bit of wick and oil in a bottle. So it becomes a unique wax and has a meaning that is very traditional.

The way that this is the easiest way to do, until your bottle is beneficial and serve to your liking.

Until we in the image of the fifth.

Of images to 5, it needs to be done is to divide the two bottles of wine, then on the mouth of the bottle you give the appropriate candle, while on the bottom of the bottle you provide the appropriate candle as well. The way that the fifth is also easy to do.

That’s five ways how to make wine bottle candles that you can imitate, so don’t immediately throw away the bottle of wine you, because it could be the bottle you will waste, it has a function that is unique to you and your partner.


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