How To Make Homemade Scented Candles

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how to make homemade candles burn longer

Making candles is basically very easy, and even more impressed cheap. The materials needed are also not much. Only by using some of the materials that already exist, we can create decorative candles are gorgeous. For that, do not need any more stalling, let’s practice how to make homemade scented candles are guaranteed easy and cheap here.


Before stepping in to make decorative candles, you should prepare in advance the material and also the necessary tools. If a tool or material is not got can be purchased in stores that sell home appliances and also stores craft materials on hand.


  • The wax that is already used (can be candles that have been destroyed or used molten wax). If indeed no one can use candles that are still new. To color the wax, up or free, white, red, other colors also can.
  • Glass mini clear or a cake mold that looks sturdy.
  • Wick to wax or thread mattress, you can buy in the craft shop you subscribe to.
  • The dye powder according to taste, much better color, all for inventory.
  • Prepare a pot sized and pot sized small.
  • If necessary, you can add glitter or trinkets blink-blink decorative.
  • Seeds of scented oil or perfume you have, but it is better to buy more in order to have a different fragrance but still smell good.
  • Provide a knife and scissors that are still good to use.
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  1. Prepare a medium sized saucepan, then fill it with water by half. Turn on the stove on medium heat and heat the water in a medium saucepan last.
  2. While waiting for the water turns hot, prepare the main ingredients. Chopping or destroy the wax used, the rest of the molten wax or wax new that had been prepared earlier with a knife so that the quick melting.
  3. Enter the wax chopped into a small saucepan. Check first whether the water in a large saucepan already hot. If you have, put a small pan above hot water in a large saucepan.
  4. How exhausting this candle looks like melting chocolate. Stir the wax until melted entirely.
  5. Once melted perfectly, turn off the stove and lift the pan a little. Add the dye powder according to taste and also seedlings of scented oil or perfume, then stir until evenly mixed.
  6. If you want the candle is beautiful, you can add glitter or trinkets and a beautiful decoration into the molten wax. Next, stir until the glitter is well blended.
  7. Prepare a wick and a mold. The trick, take the axis and measure as required, then cut with scissors. Put in a mold with the rest of the axis of the guarded do not get buried in the molten wax everything.
  8. Then pour the molten wax on the mold that had been prepared earlier. Fill ¾ part of the course.
  9. Let stand to melt the wax to dry and cool. In order to more quickly dry, can you try with a fan that has a low speed.

Hooray, hooray, now it is so. Decorative candles of his own creations with a fragrance according to taste ready-to-wear to complement. Can for candle light dinner with your dear ones. Hmm, the more will add to the romantic course. How to make homemade scented candles, that would be very easy to do.

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Anyway, try also to create some form of mold, seeds of perfume and also dye. Who knows you can get candle creations are unique and beautiful.but it never occurred to you. Suppose to make the dough melt the candle a wide variety of colors. Then pour ¼ part of each is still the color of the prints. Then the end result will be the candles of the rainbow are beautiful.

Well, if you do not have views or ideas, you should find some pictures about decorative candles. Apply or modifications in accordance with the creations and desires. As an example and reference material, you could follow the example of some of the creations candles are beautiful and fragrant here.

Look at the picture, the candle is put in the place which is quite thin, from the picture it can already create?

how to make homemade scented candles step by step

The image above is an example of the manufacture of candles placed on the glasses, the original has a lid like a bottle.
The idea is very unique and creative once, only with orange peel and oil.
Well, now you can already make candles, utility candles, you can also make candles for the birthday event, a wedding, a relaxing place with a girlfriend or a friend. And much more the usefulness of the candle. Already cheap, scented homemade again, very easy indeed. Come on, you can certainly try.


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