How to Make a Barn Door

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Everyone understands I am a sucker for reclaimed barn timber. Today’s post is strictly my kind of task. I wish to show you the steps how to make a barn door. I frequently have some key spots where I have already been in a position to find old barn hardwood.

How to Make a Barn DoorThe wood which I used because of this project was actually an old 1 by 12 bits of wood that were sitting out in sunlight for gosh, I don’t understand how long. Each table was also about 15 ft long, therefore I knew I possibly could make something cool.Now, the true reason I made a decision to create a barn door, and utilize it as a backdrop rather than an operating door. I’ve this spot in my own living room where my kitchen cupboards, end, and there’s a remove of drywall, and then my people from France doors. It is definitely a difficult place to decorate because I love to decorate behind my couches and there’s been a sofa in this place.

I decided to create a barn door that I possibly could place against the wall structure behind the sofa or seats to pull the area together and tidy up the disjointed look that was happening.

This barn door was super easy to make. Like, it required me literally significantly less than an hour, which was with a few halts to wrangle a few fighting kids, and give food to them an instant lunch.
I began my trimming 4 planks at 8 ft long. I laid them on the floor in my garage area and organized them next to one another
how to make a barn door gate
Then I measured the width of the four planks that was 48 ins, given that they were 12 in. Wide. Then I cut two little bit of table at 48 ins. These will serve as the horizontal items. I assessed 12 in. Down from the very best and 12 ins up from underneath and screwed both horizontal parts into the vertical items. You will need to be sure you secure each one of the vertical boards. You can also do this, how to build a barn door frame.


The final step is to add the cross piece. I did so this by slicing one end at a 30 level position with my miter noticed. I then assessed on the diagonal to the other part and then slice it at a 30 level position on that end.

Then it was as easy as securing that diagonal piece onto the barn door. This piece is exactly what really strengthens the entranceway.

I decided to color one part of the barn timber white, now don’t get mad, I remain one side organic, therefore I am in a position to rotate it depending on my feeling, which changes on a regular basis. What do you consider of those chairs? Is it possible to believe I acquired them from lights plus?

how to make a barn door latch
The barn door ties this space together beautifully. I guarantee, this is a task anyone can do. Listed below are the tools which I found in this task:

-Dewalt miter saw

-Dewalt cordless drill

-4- 1 by 12 planks, 8 foot long

-2 inch long screws

-You can also find that lovely fiddle leaf fig tree on amazon!

What do you consider of the easy barn door?

That’s some step by step how to make a barn door, hopefully can help you to complete.


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