How to Install Curtain Rods

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For those of you who already have window blinds, it will definitely have intention to install such curtains. But before the curtain is attached, you must first install the curtain holder in order not to fall. Then how to install curtain rods?

How to Install Curtain Rods

Okay, in the discussion this time will make a tutorial how doing the installation of the curtain holder. Without thinking that the length and width, just in practice here. You can also find some collaboration of yellow and grey shower curtain that can become your references in choosing the curtain.

Step one: Measure the window cavity

how to install curtain rods in plaster

Gauge the width of your home window from one part to the additional. After that add another 30mm to each aspect to permit for curtain overhang. Thus giving you space to draw your curtains across and stops light and high temperature leaking through the sides. Trim your curtain rod to size utilizing a circular saw.

Step two: Install the curtain rod holders on the architrave

The architrave may be the frame on the wall around the window. Install the curtain rod holders on the architrave by marking out where in fact the rod holders will proceed and predrilling screw holes. Screw the holders set up, ensuring they’re horizontally level with each other. If your architrave can be level you are able to do this by just mounting them flush with the very best of the architrave. If it’s not really, make use of a spirit level to attract a line over the architrave and mount flush with the series.

Step three: Install the rod in the holders

how to install curtain rod above window

Screw the end ends onto the remaining end of the rod. Slide all of the curtain bands onto the rod and place the rod on the holders. After that screw in the end of the proper end of the rod. Finally, screw some little screws through the holders into the rod to avoid the rod from slipping sideways. Cover the screw holes with timber plugs to complete the job.

Tools and materials

Below are some materials and tools that you will need to perform the installation of the curtain holder.
1. Circular saw
2. Curtain rings
3. Curtain rod & holders
4. Ear muffs
5. Impact driver
6. Ladder
7. Measuring tape
8. Pencil
9. Power drill
10. Safety glasses
11. Spirit level

Having arrived at this third stage, you now already know about how to install curtain rods, that is good and right in accordance with the standard. Thank you hopefully useful, do not forget to share on your social media account.

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