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Home Decorators Collection Laminate Flooring

Entrust the installation of the wood flooring to the experts with the cost of pairs of cheap is a wise choice. Because although it is easy in how to pair, of course, required ancillary equipment and also the experience in the field, Home decorators collection laminate flooring. Because it will determine the good and bad results of work, installation of wood flooring.

How flooring installation laminate parquet right? In terms of raw materials, there are two kinds of parquet flooring is that the flooring solid parquet and parquet flooring laminate. Parquet floor laminate has advantages in the installation process that much faster.

If You are installing a parquet floor is solid, it takes about 7 days to form a floor area of 100 m2. It was not done finishing. Compare with flooring installation laminate parquet only takes between 3-4 days.

Similarly, the zoom, the floor parquet and laminate are considered to be more superior. This is due to the way the floor is aligned and uniform because it is made using the technique of printing. Any pieces of the laminate floor have the color and pattern of the same, so as not to cause the impression of dappled.

But on the other hand, not few people consider the uniformity of fine laminate floor also makes it looks monotonous, boring, and not natural. Different with the solid wood floor that has colors and patterns that vary because of naturally formed.

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If You’ve decided to wear parquet flooring is laminate rather than solid wood flooring, now is the time to set it up correctly. As we already mentioned above, is basically the process of flooring installation is not so difficult.

In fact a lot easier than installing a floor tile or solid wood flooring. You just need to prepare the floor surface that is completely flush with the cover it wear a plaster. Then put the pieces of parquet flooring and laminate this on top of the cement floor.

Here is a short tutorial how the process of floor installation laminate parquet implemented:

  1. Prepare the field of the floor surface is completely flat first. You can make a cement floor to save the budget. Or also already there is a ceramic floor, You can install laminate floor in upper floor ceramic so it does not need to be dismantled.
  2. Put a few sheets of plywood on top of the ground floor. Function triplex this as a cushion to prevent the pieces of the laminate floor is damaged as well as to prevent the occurrence of excess moisture.
  3. As the adhesive material, You can use a special glue called poly foam. But if You have trouble to get it, there is no harm in wearing wood glue. Will this glue is smeared on the surface of the plywood to the top that will covered the laminate floor.
  4. The process of mounting the pieces of the laminate floor can be done in regular as well as installing ceramic tile. Another alternative could also set it up at random to generate a motive of a random and natural feel. Do the installation carefully so that the result is satisfactory.
  5. The edges of the floor directly adjacent to the wall should be given a distance of 1 cm. The goal is that the floor does not touch the walls so it is protected from moisture. Furthermore, the distance/an empty area of the given cover in the form of accessories skirting which is called skirting.

The room will be equipped parquet flooring, laminate compulsory ensured to have air circulation smoothly, the condition is clean, and free of moisture air. The room should also be safe from leaks or splashes of water. The same as other wood materials, the main enemy of the laminate floor is water.

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If the floor is exposed to/submerged in water for an hour, then it will definitely be damaged. The floor will be weathered or inflate it so it needs to be replaced with a new one. Other Tips that as much as possible use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface of the laminate floor. That’s some that you can know before Home decorators collection laminate flooring.

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