Front Door Window Treatments With Better

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Front Door Window Treatments

A building is never out of a window and door, it is the most important part is to be mounted on a building. On the part of those door is an accessible sign out and sign someone, so it is with a very important window for the lighting during the day on a building and the ventilation or air circulation. To it needed a front door window treatments. On the other hand, both of those things into the aesthetic value or even an art when it is unique from a building.

At this moment we know how, now there are many variations of models and shapes of windows and doors. You can combine colors according to your taste on the window sills and door by aligning the color of the walls in accordance with the frame of your home.

But all that does not last long and quickly damaged when not doing maintenance on windowsills and door periodically. There are some things that must be considered so that the frame can be well maintained so that it will make the frame much more durable and not fast damage, both damaged by rodents or insects such as termites and so on, and could even be subjected to mechanical damage such as exposed to water is too often exposed to and so on.

Things like what should we do to handle things that we don’t want that??
The things related to that are:

above front door

How to do Prevention

  • When you select a raw material for the frame (wood), the wood must be aged and the wood is not wet (dry), so that the posture of wood is not easy to change shape, curved for example, and is not easily damaged rodents or insects such as termites and ants.
  • When the window frames and doors have been installed with an anti-insect (termite), and anti-fungal, typically the substance is liquid, in contrast with the paint in general.
  • Installation of window and door frames must be inside a building (house), at least shielded from exposure to direct sunlight and rainwater.
  • After the mounting frame must be installed in parallel and fitting on the side of the wall, not until the frame that has been mounted inclined to the front or rear. The wall as a support frame must be sturdy and strong to withstand the weight of the frame.
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How do the Treatment

  • After everything is done, do the painting, the paint used is a special paint for wood, where the paint contains a special substance to protect the wood from rain water, and others.
  • Before the frame is painted, on the perforated sections on the wood and the pores, must be in a special patched with wood putty, then puree using a fine sandpaper.
  • When the window sills and doors have long been painted, then there are impurities such as clumps of dust, animal or insect droppings must be cleaned to avoid patches that stick on the frame.
  • Repainting needs to be done so that the condition of the frame remains smooth and well-groomed as well as look always clean.
  • Avoid the frame from the impact of sharp objects and hard by furniture or vehicles, because it will leave permanent scratches on the wood like chipped in.

window treatments around front door

That’s some of the things that must be considered to take care of the window sills and doors in your home, you need to do in order to front door window treatments frame your home keep it always clean and neat so you do not need to spend big when the window frames and doors in your home is already in the condition of badly damaged and not well maintained. Hopefully useful

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