Easy To Care For Wood Frame Sofa With Cushions

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wood frame sofa with loose cushions

The Sofa is one of furniture is important that is seen in a dwelling, due to its large size and usually always available in the living room and family room. The Sofa is made from a variety of cover materials, ranging from leather, cotton, velvet, and other. Diverse material also varies the price. Therefore, you should care for the wood frame sofa with cushions so durable and always looks new.

Wood is indeed one of the materials which still become the favorite choice of many people. However, taking care of organic material such as wood of course is not as easy as caring for furniture of plastic materials.

If not handled properly, then the risk of fungus, cracks, up eaten by termites can occur on your wood furniture. But no need to worry because we’ve got 7 tips that can be tried yourself at home.

1. Make sure you put in place to dry or normal temperature

Exposure to the temperature of the heat of the sun continually can make the wood becomes dry and shrinks, causing cracks in the layer of wood. Keep the furniture made of wood from equipment that emits heat or place directly exposed to sunlight, especially if you live in an area with high temperature. Not only that, the humid air can also provoke proliferation of fungus or insects harmful to the wood.

2. Move right and carefully

wood frame sofa replacement cushions

The habit of moving the table or chair minimalist by means of dragging or pulling the backrest can scratch and scrape the wood by rubbing against the floor. Pulling one of his feet also the risk of damaging the connection of the chair. The correct way to move your wooden furniture is to lift it in the cross section or the holder carefully.

3. Use the plinth to minimize the damage

Even if you are already careful in moving the furniture, wood you, sometimes the car uses the furniture itself that can slowly damage the appearance. To minimize the risk of scratches or stains which makes the color dull wood and the wood surface is not smooth anymore, just cover the top of the table with a fabric tablecloth or table runner.

As for the legs, you can subsist the plinth with carpet felt or cloth on each of his feet.

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4. Deftly, dry water stains, immediately!

Glasses drinks often leave a water stain shaped circle on the surface of the dining table made of wood. If left alone, these stains will be left behind permanently and spoil the beauty of the natural wood texture. How lost, it can be with rub a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda or a mixture of cooking oil and ash with a soft cloth.

For the stains are small, you can simply wipe the mixture using your fingers. Another alternative is to burn the pecan seeds until the oil came out, then destroy by means of struck-at, and then rubbed on the stain.

5. Clean your sofa regularly

Clean the wood furniture at least once a month with a squirt of pledge or liquid coatings, furniture to taste on the surface of the wood furniture, then wipe with a cloth and leave to dry.

Equipment for cleaning wooden furniture is you can get at the material store or furniture store. If necessary, you can also do the finishing off there on the wooden furniture every 2-3 years in order not to look dull.

Wood Frame Sofa With Cushions

Here are tips on how to clean the sofa according to the materials of the lid respectively.

  • Cotton material. If your sofa with cotton, to clean, simply use water or ironed
  • Polyester material. If your sofa cover is made from this, then be sure not be exposed to water. The best way to clean it with a dry cleaning
  • Silk material. Cover the sofa with this material is very rarely used, usually used for the cushion of the sofa. The best way to clean it by using dry cleaning. So also if your sofa covers from the material of the wall
  • Leather material. Cover the sofa with leather material is the most widely used, how clean it is by using a damp cloth and rub it on the area affected by the touch of the hand, fingers and head

6. Use a brush or a toothbrush to the part that is not affordable

Basically, wooden furniture can be cleaned with a wipe of cotton cloth. However, there are times when dust, dirt, or mildew in wooden furniture are not raised properly because tucked in between the slits. Use a brush sized small and delicate or a toothbrush to reach these parts.

7. Take advantage of the rest of the tea as a cleanser

In addition to healthy to be consumed, tea has many uses, one as a wood cleaner. For the results of color and luster, dip a soft cloth in the steeping black tea, wring out the cloth, then rubbed on the wood furniture to clean it and leave to dry.

Also finally finished until the stages to seven, that’s the easy way care for the wood frame sofa with cushions, which may be the ordinary people also do it.

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