Collaboration of Yellow and Grey Shower Curtain

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yellow black and gray shower curtain

What is imagined in your mind about bathroom dream? Area? Clean? Or maybe always fragrant and perfumed? To maintain the hygiene of the bathroom is indeed necessary. However, departing from the functional side that the bathroom is a room for you closer to yourself.

As the area of privacy, the bathroom also can look stylish through a creativity, decoration yellow and grey shower curtain. Not just as a special space for you, but also can still look stylish with the decoration of the curtains-beautiful curtains.

Now there are various designs and styles of curtains that make a bathroom look beautiful. A variety of motifs, size, and color make the bathroom increasingly more decorative. There are curtains that display the simple and may be suitable for you who like the minimalist style.

If you like the look of glamour, but seem timeless, the design of the curtain that is elegant and classic could be an option. Here are some inspiration gorgeous curtains that can decorate your bathroom appear more style without reducing the privacy side of you.


Both the psychological effects of this color is you need to start and close the day. Want to set up the bathroom so nuanced bright? Try a color combination of yellow and gray. By combining the detail and bathroom fixtures with these two colors must the bathroom look modern and different from the usual.

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The gray color tends to accentuate the aura of calmness and softness. While the color yellow conjures up an aura of cheerfulness and full of spirit. Both the psychological effects of this color is you need to start and close your day while in the bathroom.

Yellow And Grey Shower CurtainTo combine them, able to put up the yellow curtains as a divider between the shower area and the sink or your bathtub. Meanwhile, the select mat grey or mat to prevent the slippery in the bathroom.

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If the paint color of your bathroom is dominated with grey color, give the decorations a bright yellow color. For example, soap, mat, towel and a towel. The atmosphere of the room will also be getting fresh with putting fresh flowers or faux yellow color. Of course, this will make the become more fresh.

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What are you waiting for? Come on, attach the shower curtain patterned to your bathroom more attractive! Like some example pictures of yellow and grey shower curtain that is above.

You can also get curtain fabric is by visiting the store your favorite. Examples of online sites that provide today., and other other.

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