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Rug Cleaning San Francisco

Carpet is one home fixture that can add aesthetic value of the room. In addition, carpet is also useful as a base so the body is not exposed to the coldness of the floor while watching tv, play with kids or other activities that are more comfortable to do a sit-down relaxed. For that carpet cleaning is not arbitrary, you should choose a place rug cleaning san Francisco.

But carpets can be a hotbed of bacteria and germs if not cared for properly. Caring for the carpet indeed needs special handling, but not that hard to do. Without the need to be hurry to come to a place of carpet cleaning, you should also know the ways of proper and easy to care for and maintain the cleanliness of the carpet in the house.

1. The Placement Of The Carpet

best Prevention is better than cure. That is, to avoid the carpet exposed to many germs better places in the home rarely passed people. Avoid installing carpet in a place that used to be where all the activity is done. Do not also put the carpet near the shoe rack to avoid the transfer of germs from bacteria to the carpet. You should place the carpet in the bedroom, work space or living room

2. Don’t Stomp with Shoes
Do not step on or walk on the carpet if You still wearing shoes or slippers, especially after traveling all day. The bottom of the footwear dirt and germs to stick to and settles in a long time

3. Pairs Mat
Put a doormat at the front entrance of the home to prevent germs a lot more goes into the house. But don’t put it in every door of the house. Enough in front of the entrance, near the kitchen and the bathroom door. Wash your mat regularly.

4. Clean The Stain
Do not rub the stain on the carpet because it will only make the stain spread wider and damaging the material. You can clean the stains with a steam machine. Point steam heat only on the stained section. The steam heat will soften the stain so clean up is easy. However, this way is only valid on new blemishes. For old stains, the only way to eliminate it by cleaning it in the laundry.

5. Washing Regularly
Wash Your carpet regularly, at least twice a year. Recommended to wash carpets in the summer because the sun’s rays will dry the carpet is perfect. The carpet moisture will be the favorite place of nesting of the bacteria.

6. First aid on the Carpet Stains
When drink or food is spilled on the carpet, immediately clean so as not being so stubborn stains. You can use natural ingredients such as lemon juice, salt water or water mixed with vinegar to eliminate it.

7. Gentle Formula

bay areaAlways use the cleaning fluid or the formula is soft so that the carpet is not damaged. Only use the cleaning formula hard for stubborn stains.

8. Vacuum
For daily maintenance, clean the carpet using vacuum cleaner every afternoon or evening. It is recommended clean the carpet at the end of the day after all activity is done.

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To some place rug cleaning san Francisco you can choose through the references that we give below. Rug Cleaner

Keep in mind, actual carpet cleaning is very easy, if you really understand what we mean above. Always keep the cleanliness for the sake of your beloved family.

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