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Displaying wall hangings instead of just planting a nail into the wall and hang ornaments framed. In order to appear elegant, need to see the right-left first, before the “park” wall hangings on the walls of the house.

Pier One Wall Art

Function of wall decoration is very diverse. You can get Pier One Wall Art that fits the shape of your home. The main course of the aesthetic function. A painting, for example, can give a new feel or a difference in a room with relatively low cost. Find Metal Wall Art Decor easily.

Wall hangings can also be used as a design solution in arranging the room. For example, to reduce the impression of empty on the wall height above 3 meters. These problems usually appear in homes that use voids can be mounted ornate shaped wall length or multiple wall hangings are mounted lined up vertically. Wall decoration is also can “outsmart” paint the walls that start to peel or section of the wall is problematic, if you don’t have the budget for re-painting.

Tricks Special Display Wall Decoration

To avoid the wall “pockmarked” as a result of the spikes, try the following trick.

  • Measure the wall area that will be hung with ornaments.
  • Spread the newsprint on the floor, covering the walls that You measure.
  • Place and arrange wall decoration in sheets of newspaper until You find a composition that feels right.
  • Mark the location of wall hangings (as well as the location of the nail) with a marker.
  • Paste the sheets of newspaper was on the wall with special insulation that not make the paint peel.
  • Pairs of spikes in a place that has been marked earlier.

The eye usually is “moored” on the composition of the amount is odd or the order in addition to a square that is already very “ordinary”. Therefore, try to set up a number of wall decoration in the shape of a triangle or a circle.
Place the garnish that looks more “weight” in the bottom of the ornament a memorable “light”. Likewise, put the ornament dark-colored under the light-colored trimmings.

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