How To Make A Photo Booth Frame

How To Make A Photo Booth Frame

The development of world photographic from year to year to match increased dramatically, because of the increasing number of smartphones and the latest camera launched by the vendors of leading companies. Many creative ideas created people, one of them photo booths. Then many people ask, how to make a photo booth frame? The photo booth is commonly used for a birthday, event, or entertainment only.

Photography is also widely used by people who like to capture the ultimate moment – the moment they, by using the camera of a smartphone or a DSLR camera, in Addition to photography in the world wedding or EO, seen from the graph that there are in the year 2014 to 2016 has increased significantly, it can be seen from the number of people who provide photography services both indoor and outdoor.

A frame used are also diverse, ranging from the frame of Facebook, instagram, YouTube or other social media. The example used here is to make the photo booth instagram, because all kinds of photo booth are just the same. Just the background that sets it apart. Here’s how to make it:

 for a photo booth

for a party  at home

1. Choose the size that frames instagram that fits the needs of you

Whether the frame instgram will be used photos along with 3 people or 5 people, because of the size of the frame will determine the amount of frames instagram. To frame instagram size 5 people you can use the size of 60 inches x 40 inches this, can you apply in image size in photoshop.

2. Then prepare the following points below:

  • Photo’s profile instagram
  • Username
  • Location
  • Number Of Like
  • Caption
  • #Hashtag (optional)

just adjust course requirements within its frame, facebook and youtube are certainly different.

3. After you’ve prepared it please you download the master here

Design Frame Instagram
Font Instagram

Another can customize what will be done

4. If you download the second file

Then first you install the first font Billabong so that when you open the psd file, the master file provided is not damaged.

5. When you’ve opened the file in photoshop

Then use the menu auto select to facilitate you to unlock every layer you will edit.

instagram photo booth

6. After you have finished editing the design

Please you save the data is still in PSD format so that the mold does not break.

7. After you arrive at printing

You print out the design, and told you to artisan printing to be exceeded pieces of the banner that can be used to wrap the plywood.

Usually I print with materials, banners flexion of the ordinary, if you want to use in the long term you can print with materials Albatros. You need to know first that the manufacture of the Frame instagram this instead of using PVC boards considering printing Rarely provide it with a large enough size.

8. You prepare plywood in accordance with the size of the frame

instagram you’ve made, and don’t forget the plywood is hollowed in the middle for the sizes already determined.

9. Attach is the design

Of the instagram that you’ve brought from the press and wrap neatly to the plywood that is already cut and measured

10. Frame Instagram For Photobooth has been finished

Enjoy the results of your work to share the fun.

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Now you already have a photo booth yourself according to what you like. Very easy course, how to make a photo booth frame, good luck and beneficial for you.

Front Door Window Treatments With Better

Front Door Window Treatments

A building is never out of a window and door, it is the most important part is to be mounted on a building. On the part of those door is an accessible sign out and sign someone, so it is with a very important window for the lighting during the day on a building and the ventilation or air circulation. To it needed a front door window treatments. On the other hand, both of those things into the aesthetic value or even an art when it is unique from a building.

At this moment we know how, now there are many variations of models and shapes of windows and doors. You can combine colors according to your taste on the window sills and door by aligning the color of the walls in accordance with the frame of your home.

But all that does not last long and quickly damaged when not doing maintenance on windowsills and door periodically. There are some things that must be considered so that the frame can be well maintained so that it will make the frame much more durable and not fast damage, both damaged by rodents or insects such as termites and so on, and could even be subjected to mechanical damage such as exposed to water is too often exposed to and so on.

Things like what should we do to handle things that we don’t want that??
The things related to that are:

above front door

How to do Prevention

  • When you select a raw material for the frame (wood), the wood must be aged and the wood is not wet (dry), so that the posture of wood is not easy to change shape, curved for example, and is not easily damaged rodents or insects such as termites and ants.
  • When the window frames and doors have been installed with an anti-insect (termite), and anti-fungal, typically the substance is liquid, in contrast with the paint in general.
  • Installation of window and door frames must be inside a building (house), at least shielded from exposure to direct sunlight and rainwater.
  • After the mounting frame must be installed in parallel and fitting on the side of the wall, not until the frame that has been mounted inclined to the front or rear. The wall as a support frame must be sturdy and strong to withstand the weight of the frame.
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How do the Treatment

  • After everything is done, do the painting, the paint used is a special paint for wood, where the paint contains a special substance to protect the wood from rain water, and others.
  • Before the frame is painted, on the perforated sections on the wood and the pores, must be in a special patched with wood putty, then puree using a fine sandpaper.
  • When the window sills and doors have long been painted, then there are impurities such as clumps of dust, animal or insect droppings must be cleaned to avoid patches that stick on the frame.
  • Repainting needs to be done so that the condition of the frame remains smooth and well-groomed as well as look always clean.
  • Avoid the frame from the impact of sharp objects and hard by furniture or vehicles, because it will leave permanent scratches on the wood like chipped in.

window treatments around front door

That’s some of the things that must be considered to take care of the window sills and doors in your home, you need to do in order to front door window treatments frame your home keep it always clean and neat so you do not need to spend big when the window frames and doors in your home is already in the condition of badly damaged and not well maintained. Hopefully useful

How To Sell Your Artwork Online?

How To Sell Your Artwork

The work of art is the “inner child” by an artist. In certain cases, there are works that are very special for artists so that he wouldn’t willingly take it off in return for whatever, but it’s not much. Most artists just want to sell his work. For that’s how to sell your artwork online easy and fast?

The problem most artists’ beginners who just started selling works sometimes does not know his work should be given the price how? Most artists give the price is too low, some too high.

Today, the Internet has opened up billions of the way for artists from all fields. They get to know, meet, and help each other even though they are separated by thousands of miles. In the same way, the Internet has shrunk the world for artists who want to sell their work. You must remember, that selling artwork online is not the same as selling a piece of cake.

Remember, what You are trying to sell (art works) is not a necessity, but a little bit of luxury. For this reason, You need to take a different approach. The Tips mentioned below will guide You as You create your profile, interact with Your follower, and deal with potential buyers. Follow these tips to make the process of selling Your art work online is easy.

Tips To Sell Works Of Art For The Beginners

1. Create a profile
It is very important that You have to create profiles as possible using diverse platforms. For example, using social media channels, blog, and website to display Your artwork. Build multiple profiles so You do not lose any opportunity. You never know where an opportunity will come up to you. You should reach out to more people every time You create another profile.

as prints

2. Hang out
Interact with people who visit Your profile. Start conversations with status updates, quizzes, and polls. This way, You learn more about people, and exploit the potential as much as possible. These people will advertise and appreciate Your work only when they know about it.

3. Create awareness
You need to create awareness about the kind of work You do. List down everything that is unique about Your artwork. This is a strength and should be Your skills, try to do a more practical approach, to get the value of Your selling. To talk a little bit about the works of art you create, this way will surely give out to people, the reason to buy a work of art.

4. Advertise on the site
You will find many websites that can connect you with prospective buyers. Contact ‘all’ of the site and see what they all offer. You can also sign up for services like Google AdWords, where Your ads will appear on sites related to the type of work You.

in a gallery

5. Don’t focus entirely on the buyer profile
Don’t be too fussy about who buys Your work. Agreed, that You want someone who appreciates the work to buy it, but You can’t always find a buyer like that. There are people who may not understand Your thoughts perfectly, but respect for Your work.

6. Hunting Art In The Gallery
Most of us, even artists, know only the gallery of the famous course. Though there are many houses of art not so popular and the gallery held a major exhibition and attracted the interest of many buyers. Look for all this gallery. Sometimes, they may not be large enough to hold exhibits, but will surely help You if You work with the better.

7. The limits of cross
Do not limit yourself in Your country. There are a lot of galleries from other countries that are already recorded. You may not be able to find the entire gallery in your country easily, but if You look for it earnestly, You will definitely get some. Get their e-mail address and send them an e-mail to help or save (Promote) Your work on their website.

in australia

8. The price was right
There is always a right price in every job. Don’t expect too much, always a compromise in giving a price. Calculate Your profits well, particularly when You are dealing with a currency that is not from Your own country. Cost expensive, though great, this will reduce the number of potential buyers drastically.

9. Visual always be the best
Whether it’s on social media or Your website, the Visual should be the best of Your work. Be an artist will have an emotional attachment to all Your works, but You must cut the slab somewhere. Take a poll from co-artists to take the best advice from Your work. Too much angle will confuse the buyer.

on amazon

10. Provide multiple payment options
When people want to buy Your work, make sure You give them with some payment options. You don’t want to lose a lot of buyers just because Your website does not receive a certain type of buyer isn’t it?

11. Your Biography
Very important if You tell the buyer about yourself. Although the main thing they are works that they think will buy it, nonetheless it will look better when they know more about the creator of the work. This will help You in promoting Your own name.

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12. Collaborate
Collaborate with other artists and try to do something together. A good work can be combined with work to perform miracles of two artists. Fans of other artists will be captivated by Your work and vice versa.

Sell Your artwork online is not an easy task. You also have to understand and learn everything about copyright and the laws that govern this offer. Nevertheless, tips on how to sell your artwork online this, will definitely guide you through the process of selling Your work through the Internet. Good luck!


Tips On Choosing Accent Rugs For Bedroom

rugs for bedrooms cheap

Confused to choose a rug that fits the decor of the room in the house? You should note the color and model, the existing furniture in the room, the function room, and the size of the room. Carpet is one of the accessories in the house which is now widely used. For that you need to get tips in choosing accent rugs for bedroom.

Choose the rugs as an accent

Initially the carpet that laid on top of the floor serves to give comfort when sitting so clothes do not get dirty exposed to the dust of the floor. In addition, the carpet used as footwear so as not to directly feel the cold floor of the house. Now, his presence is no longer merely floor coverings. Carpet can also provide its own color in the room.

The selection of motifs and striking colors can be used as an accent. In fact, a soft carpet can also create a comfort that makes the home atmosphere feels increasingly familiar. So the presence of a carpet can give the desired effect, of selecting and arranging the carpet should not be perfunctory. If the election is not right, its presence is a negative impact on the room.

Wherefore, that his presence can make the room look attractive and is able to warm the atmosphere, the selection and arrangement should fit snugly. The rug currently has a lot of variations, types of material, thread length, size, color, or motif.

There are four things that need to be considered in choosing a carpet.

area rugs for children's bedroom

Include the theme of the room, the furniture of his supporters, the function of the room, and the size of the room. The theme of the room to be a major factor in the selection of the tapestry. Types of carpet should be adjusted to the theme or concept of the room that you create.

If you choose classic theme, persian rugs and the like can be the right choice. However, if you want to show the impression of a modern classic, it is better to select carpet, patterned from Europe that are not a lot of detail.

For the theme of modern room nuance minimalist, we can wear the carpet with soft color and patterned squares. The theme of the room is always associated with the choice of shape, color, and motif carpet. For example, if you want the arrangement in classic style, you should select a carpet themed in line anyway.

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In the space themed minimalist, you should avoid the use of carpet with a large motif because it can give the impression of narrow. The next factor that you should concern is the furniture space filler. Usually fillers this space has a size and color that influence the size and the type of carpet color will be selected.

For example, for the living room with sofa, three seater, you can use rugs sizes 160 x 230 cm. For the size of the furniture is small, select the size 120 x 170 cm. About the color, select which is in harmony with the furniture or deliberately crashed to give the impression of contrast. So, the choice of the right color depending on the concept of the arrangement of the room.

For a classic house with shades of green for example, would be better suited paired with a carpet of green and accented in red. Thus, the unity of theme which will harmoniously form.

A space filled with furnishings will be noticeably less fitting if using a patterned carpet full of color and images. So, it would be better if you pay attention to this factor.

area rugs for a bedroom

Function space is also not less, important as things that must be considered in choosing a carpet. Consider, whether the rubber be placed in the living room, family room, dining room, or bedroom.

In general, for the intensity of people passing by law, such as a bedroom, we can use rugs made from soft and luxurious. For a room that is traffic-the flow of them high, you should use carpet that is easy to clean.

If you have a baby, carpet can be put in the room because the function can be relaxes the soles of the feet of the parents of the baby or the nanny when you’re carrying him. When the baby already started to grow large, the function of rugs could be the area playing.

Now you already know the tip to choose a carpet. That’s some of the things which can to be put to you, about choosing accent rugs for bedroom. Good luck.