Arrangement of Floor Lamp With Tray Table

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Floor Lamp With Tray Table

The living room is a cool place to gather with family members and friends who visit. At least You can have a conversation while enjoying a cup of warm tea together, or spend Your spare time with watching your favorite tv shows.

You can also make the living room as a comfortable place to relax while reading a book or magazine. You can use a floor lamp with tray table as the lighting is soft and does not damage the sense in the room.

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The living room can indeed be used for a variety of activities depending on the needs that You do. Therefore, set the lighting in the living room into a thing that must be considered for all activities performed in the living room can work well. And then if Your living room already has lighting that is enough or still lacking?

Here we give some tips to organize good lighting for the living room of Your dream.

Know the lighting needs

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The first step that You should do before setting up lighting is to know the needs of light in Your living room. To be able to know the needs of the lighting, There are a few things You need to consider such activity what are You doing in the living room? And type of such lighting is necessary for it?.

By knowing the answers to these questions it will be easier for You to choose the right lighting for the living room of Your dream. As an example, if You like to watch movies in the living room, then proper lighting is by selecting a lamp dimmer so that You can easily dim the light of a lamp on while watching a movie.

Consider also the use of the room because this will also affect the type of lighting used.

Create lighting, as a decorative element

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In addition to illuminating all the activities in the living room, a lighting system that well also can be one interesting decorative element. Therefore You need to only lighting system that You will use with the interior of the living room of Your beloved.

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Adjust the size of the living room.

So the living room Will look more beautiful and dramatic. The perfect lighting design can be found easily in electronic shops ranging from colored lights to vary the armature also available.

Different room size of different capacity of light or number of lights used. If you have small-sized living space it seems like You don’t need to require lighting that is too much, but if Your living room is large then You need to install some additional lights so that the lighting in the living room can be spread evenly.

In addition, for Your large living room can also use the chandelier is a large-capacity. But do not use the hanging lamp for small living room because this just will make the living room look crowded.

Give spotlight lamp for decorative objects.

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Do You have a collection of objects displayed in the living room or are planning to bring a particular work of art. If so, You can utilize the spotlights are directed to decorative objects to attract the attention of anyone who sees it. With so decorative objects beloved You can appear more attractive wrapped in the elegant lighting that will make Your living room more comfortable to be seen.

Customize theme lighting.

Every living room design certainly has a specific theme that was presented in the design interior of the living room. You therefore need to make sure that the room lighting can be in accordance with the themes presented in the living room.

In addition You must also adjust the lighting of the room with the dominant color in the living room so the living room can appear more a maximum. Suppose if You have a living room theme modern concept, then it will be more suitable when You use spotlight lamp down light white.

Select the color of the light according


There are many options of types and colors of lights that You can use for Your living room. If the living room could not get the light of the sun, then You can use halogen lamps because the luminous flux of halogen lamp will provide the atmosphere as if it were daylight.

Or use colored lights in yellow when You want to give the impression of warmth in the living room. When the living room want to look more natural, You can use colored lights white.

Have a good lighting system in the living room will provide comfort when performing various activities and the living room will present you with a cozy atmosphere. Tips on the arrangement of floor lamp with tray table, we provide above can help you to get the living room with good lighting. May be useful.

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